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English conversation school 【 Growth Factor 】Teaching in Japan Kanazawa city !

We are now recruiting dedicated and professional English Instructors for teaching positions all across Japan. Whether you are a recent graduate starting a career in education, or a seasoned veteran with years of teaching experience under your belt - 【 Growth Factor 】 is a company that can offer you continued support, allowing you to grow both professionally and personally in a dynamic working environment. Have you got what it takes to teach all age groups and thrive in a well established, yet rapidly growing company? If yes, we want to hear from you.



  • Modern spacious schools, conveniently located in urban centers across the country.
  • Schools and classrooms are fully equipped with the latest in educational technology.
  • Student centered approach to teaching and learning.
  • Team teaching with a Main Instructor and an Assistant Instructor for group lessons.
  • Teach - Kids, Adults, Business English, General English, Medical English, and more.
Registered name Think Creation. inc English conversation school 【 Growth Factor 】
Location Post number 920-0867
7-24 Nagadohe 2 choume Kanazawa city Ishikawa prefecture Japan
Founded March 2002
Number of employees Generally staff(1) Registered teacher(3)
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